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11174311_819529001470224_8994142697377129216_oCar wraps! Vehicle wraps! Fleet wraps! Boat wraps! They’re the buzz of advertising. And nobody can get you into the vehicle wrap market, faster, better, or more affordable than just advertising, the industry leader in digital imaging in Brevard county.Vehicle advertising reaches consumers not exposed or lightly exposed to newspaper or television. For instance it was found that people with long commutes are more difficult to reach with newspaper advertising; however 96% of North Americans travel in a vehicle each week either as a driver or as a passenger. A fair display advertisement in the Yellow Pages can reach costs of $12,000 for just one year. In that common approach, you have to wait for someone to pick up the right directory where you are listed, share space at all times with direct competitors and hope that the potential client will choose you from all of the others listed. Besides, most businesses in the same industry will be listed in the same pages, whereas with mobile advertising, A&B Graphics delivers the information in a unique way to your target audience. Vehicle advertising reaches everyone without discrimination. With a price tag ranging from $500 to $5,000 (onetime setup fee), A&B Graphics makes it very cost effective to achieve the high impact a vehicle wrap has to offer.

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle advertising goes to where the people are. A&B Graphics vehicle wraps demand attention and gets the message to the highest visibility areas and most densely trafficked areas of cities, towns, parking lots, shopping malls, restaurants, highways and byways.

A recent poll shows that:

  • 90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics
  • 30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles.

The numbers equate that we are a very visual society, driven by effective advertising and marketing. Vehicle advertising caters to all levels of business and projects the message like no other form of advertising can.